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The ascension of Christ is an integral part of Christian faith. Being aware of the connectedness of Ascension of Christ and the remittance of the Holy Spirit the Christians have celebrated the Ascension together with Pentecost until a great part of the 4th century. Only thereafter the feast of the Ascension is attested as a separate feast forty days after Easter. It is celebrated on Thursday after the fifth Paschal sunday. Rathgeber has also written hymns and offertories for that feast.

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Hymn 08 - Salutis humanae

The hymn "Salutis humanae" is recommended for the Feast of the Ascension of Christ by Rathgeber.

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Offertory "Elevata"

This offertory is a festive composition of several movements consisting of a soprano aria. Moreover, 2 trumpets or horns could join in accessorily.  The offertory Elevata will be sung at Easter.

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