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According to Roman Catholic liturgy Lent is defined as a time of "Easterly penance". It is a preparation time for Easter. Lent lasts from Ash Wednesday till the start of the Eucharistic mass of Maundy Thursday. Lent is characterized by ascesis, restriction, and renunciation. Only the sundays during Lent are excluded from abstinence. In the liturgy of Lent the organ could be used only for backup of the chant and should not be played alone.

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Ave Regina Opus 5/10

This Marian antiphony in E flat is a composition with one movement. It has alternating parts for Tutti and Solo.

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VI Ave Regina Opus 16

In the actual edition all six Ave Regina of Opus XVI have been compiled in one volume due to their brevity.

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Offertories for Lent Opus 15

Due to their brevity the offertories for the five sundays of Lent (Scapulis suis, Meditabor, Justitiae Domini, Laudate Dominum, and Confitebor) have been compiled.

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