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Valentin Rathgeber used different forms for his mass compositions: in Opus I the form of a missa brevis as well as in Opus III and  Opus XIX the form of a missa solemnis. Moreover, he distinguishes in Opus XII between the form of a missa ruralis allowing the reduction of the setting without changing the character of the composition, and the form of a missa civilis. In Opus VII Rathgeber has written a different mass for each Marian feast. These compositions display various forms.

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Missa S. P. Benedicti

The actual mass is recommended for the feast of Saint Benedict by Rathgeber. It belongs to the solemn masses Rathgeber promised in his first mass cycle in case his compositions meet approval.

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Missa S. Gabrielis Archangeli

Missa S. Gabrielis Archangeli is a solemn mass for Christmas that interprets especially those parts of the ordinary of the mass referring to the Christmas mystery.

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Missa Assumptionis B. V. M.

This mass is recommended for the feast of Mary's Assumption into Heaven (August 15th) by Rathgeber.

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Missa Sancti Rosarii B. V. M.

This mass is recommended for the feast of the Rosary (October 7th) by Rathgeber.

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Missa in D Opus 12/5

Missa V is a rural mass, i. e. a mass for rural conditions. Only soprano, alto, and organ are obligatory, tenor, bass, 2 violins and 2 horns are accessory.

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Muri Mass

In 1731, the Muri Mass was dedicated to Gerold Heimb, princebishop of the Benedictine convent of Muri, by Rathgeber. The handwritten mass is nearly identical with the printed version in Opus 12.

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Missa SS. Martyrum

Missa SS. Martyrum is a solemn mass for a choir with four voices, soloists, and orchestra. Rathgeber wrote this mass for feasts for martyrs. It contains also a trumpet concerto that is available separately.

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