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Georg Joachim Joseph Hahn was born and baptized in Muennerstadt on July 24th, 1712. After attending the Augustinian school in the years 1725 to 1730 he was most probably scrivener at the Juliusspital in Wuerzburg till he came back to Muennerstadt. In his home town he was Chori Rectore at the parish church St. Magdalene, rector of the Latin school, as well as jurat or senator at  the local city council. The main focus of his compositional work was sacred vocal music. Furthermore he made his mark as a theorist of the general bass. Hahn died in Muennerstadt on January 21st, 1772. The necrology underlines that he presided 36 years long with best experience and inexhaustibly as rector over the Latin school and over the chori musici. Among his students are apart from the famous monastic composer P. Alexius Molitor from Simmershausen P. Cajetan Bonfig, P. Alexius Johann, P. Johannes Evangelista Ortloff und P. Coelestin Wuest.

Catalogue of Works:

165 Sacred Arias, 22 Antiphons, 16 Versets, 14 Masses, 10 Preambels, 3 Vespers, 2 Sonatas

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