Fr. Alexius Johann OESA (1753–1826) Print

The Augustinian Hermit Fr. Alexius Johann was born in Steinach on November 1st, 1753 as Johannes Nikolaus Johann from the couple Michael and Anna Johann. In the years 1769 till 1773 he studied at the Augustinian school in Muenerstadt and was temporarily organist, consultor and prefect of the student congregation. On August 14th, 1774 he professed to the Augustinian monastery of Muennerstadt and took over the monastic name Alexius. At first he studied philosophy in Muennerstadt. Afterwards he moved to Freiburg/B., where he studied theology in the timespan 1775 till 1778 . Supposedly he also studied music in Freiburg where he worked as organist and composer. Already during his study years in Muennerstadt and Freiburg/B. he was appointed organist. On  September 21st, 1777 he was ordained. In 1783 at the latest he moved to Mainz, where he worked as confessor, preacher and professor of the second, and later also of the third class. In the school year 1792 to 1793 he was teacher at the monastic school of Muennerstadt. After the secularization Johann was private reverend in Mainz till 1809 and afterwards parish priest in Heidenheim till 1821. Finally he was cathedral vicar at Mainz, where he died on July 26th, 1826.

Catalogue of Works:

Masses, Vespers, Operas, 1 School theater, 1 Requiem

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