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Bad-KissingenOn Sunday, 10th January of 2010, took place a public guided tour of the Valentin-Rathgeber-Society e.V. through the touring exhibition  "Johann Valentin Rathgeber (1682-1750) Life - Oeuvre - Significance" in the museum Obere Saline (Bismarck-Museum) in Bad Kissingen. The president of the Valentin-Rathgeber-Society e.v., Berthold Gaß, explained the life and work of Johann Valentin Rathgeber to the interested visitors.

The touring exhibtion "Valentin Rathgeber (1682-1750). Life - Oeuvre - Significance " seeks to trace the phenomenon Rathgeber in different areas by showing the time in which he lived and the context within which he acted. Rathgeber created a new music style with the maxim facileness (facilitas), brevity (brevitas) and suaveness (suavitas). As a southern German antipode of Telemann, he is an important connector between baroque and classical music. Furthermore, he gives the answer of the frequently asked question how it could be possible that Mozart was present shortly after Bach.

The exhibition will be shown till Sunday, 24 January, 2010 in the museum Obere Saline (Bismarck-Museum) in Bad Kissingen.
Opening hours: from Wendesday till Sunday 2:00 till 5:00 PM
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