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Opening of Touring Exhibition, Photo: FriedrichOn April 9, 2007, the touring exhibition "Johann Valentin Rathgeber (1682-1750). Life - Oeuvre - Relevance" was opened  with a ceremonial act  which went down well with the public.

Dr. Erasmus Gaß, the president of the Valentin-Rathgeber-Society, refered to the newly found sources to Rathgeber in his celebratory lecture. He gave interesting insights into the childhood and adolescence of Rathgeber in Oberelsbach and Würzburg as well as into the monastic life of Rathgeber. His absence out of the convent for nine years - usually described an "unallowed journey" - was secretly granted by the abbot  because he could not allow this publicly. Otherwise he would have disturbed the monastic discipline. Thus, his abbot gave him a paper of release that he could show during his journey.

Auxiliary Bishop Helmut Bauer, WuerzburgAfter short  greetings the exhibition was presented to the public. A  life-size statue greets the visitor at the door.  Different topics are treated on 25  exhibition walls: a curriculum vitae, the time of Rathgeber,  childhood and adolescence in Oberelsbach, studies and employment at the Juliusspital in Würzburg,  life in the monastery of Banz, the public relations tour with special reference to his sponsors, the music of Rathgeber and finally the reception of Rathgeber rightly labelled a Rathgeber Renaissance.

Two showcases  display original documents of the time of Rathgeber as well as material of the reception of  Rathgeber in the 20th century. A replica of the Rathgeber house true to the original and a multimedia board with interesting information to all places Rathgeber visited during his journey round off the exhibition.

Opening of Touring Exhibition, Photo: FriedrichFurther information to different issues and music of Rathgeber could be obtained by audioguides. An exhibition catalogue (250 pages, partly coloured) has been released and costs only 10,-€ (paperback) or 15,-€ (hardcover).

We can only hope that the exhibtion attracts the interest of the public.

Further Information could be get here.

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