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„Rauchtabak ist mein Vergnügen"
Sound and Smoke in the cellar of the Valentin-Rathgeber-House

Artists of the concert Schall und RauchSound and Smoke belong together for a long time. Both are a permanent feature of western cultural history. With the recital "Schall und Rauch" of the Valentin-Rathgeber-Society Oberelsbach these coordinates of sociable meeting will be featured. The cellar of the First German Tobacco Museum, birth house of the important Frankonian composer Johann Valentin Rathgeber (1682-1750) is the best suited place to combine Sound and Smoke here. Mainly compositions of the Frankonian homeland have been selected. All of them originated in the 18th century.

Dr. Erasmus Gass opened the concert with the piano piece „Zigeunerpfeife" by the Czech composer Josef Vorel. He was musically asided by the Soprano Mechthild Muench, her husband Dr. Eberhard Muench and his brother Berthold Gass on the piano. In order to get attuned to the topic the song „So oft ich meine Tobacks-Pfeife" by Johann Sebastian Bach was raised.

The music table confectures have been served by an inclined enthusiast, Mr. Conférencier Erwin Kess, wearing a baroque robe. Already when entering he surprised the visitors by giving all women a rose. He introduced the audience into the world of the 18th century by humorous comments.

Informations to the programmeAfterwards two piano arias by Valentin Rathgeber followed. They are called beating arias due to the fact that at that time one has beaten the keyboard instruments. The organ was not only beaten, but also kicked, namely by the calcant who blowed the bellows. Subsequently the famous song „Alleweil ein wenig lustig", part of the Tafelconfect, was performed. That song praises inter alia also the merits of tobacco.

The following Sonata Quinta in B flat by Platti is due to the factor that the employer of Platti, a brother of the prince bishop Schoenborn, was an enthusiastic player of the violoncello. This composition was played out of the original manuscripts. 

Erwin Kess told stories around the life of Rathgeber who is deeply connected with the building where this concert i´was staged. The song „Ueber die Beschwerden dieses Lebens" from the opera „Der kleine Matrose" by the French composer Pierre Gaveaux led back again to the topic „smoke".

Picture of a smoker in the First German Tobacco MuseumAfterwards two arias for the piano by Georg Anton Hieronymus Felix Gass, born on August 8, 1715 in Bad Neustadt/Saale, followed. Gass joined the Augustinian Order and was organist in the Swiss Fribourg and in Freiburg/Breisgau. He died on February 20, 1752. The collectíon "David ludens ad Arcam Dei", at the moment the only extant work, was published already in the time around 1730, about ten years earlier than Rathgeber's beating arias.  The arias by Felix Gass seem to be melodically and harmonicly unusual for the time at first sight. However, this is the special appetizing appeal of that collection.

Now Mr. Kess had an eminent appearance when he explained different trends of the tobacco culture during the 18th century.  Especially snuff was very popular at that time. Thereafter the song „Mein Pfeifchen" was performed. Most probably the text was written of an otherwise unknown author of the last half of the 18th century.

The concert was signed off by the „Sinfonia in F" of the wonder child Giovanni Battista Pergolesi who died all too soon. This sinfonia had four movements: Comodo, Allegro cantabile, Adagio and Presto. Many visitors and notable VIPs have attended this concert. The audience acclaimed the performance of the musicians by thunderous applause. As an encore one chose the song „Rauchtaback ist mein Vergnügen" from the Tafelconfect by Valentin Rathgeber. Afterwards one had the chance to have a drink and talk with the players. With this a hitherto unprecedented informative as well as entertaining dialogic concert ended. One surely wishes a re-enactment.

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