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Model: Johann Valentin RathgeberThe worldwide unique complete compilation of all printed works of Rathgeber is displayed in the Rathgeber Room upstairs. This compilation consists of 10650 pages, attributed to 27 Opus in 249 music sheets. This enormous scale reflects the undaunted creative power of this composer. The reception history of Rathgeber is presented in two further showcases that exhibit the most important writings on Rathgeber as well as selected Recordings of his works.

The new multimedia PC displays a threefold presentation on Rathgeber. A Powerpoint presentation (about 14 min. long) introduces in life and oeuvre of Rathgeber. Secondly, a Rathgeber-Jukebox presents 15 music titles of various compositions. Thirdly, one could obtain - viaRathgeber Room in the First German Tobacco Museum a navigation bar - detailed information about life and oeuvre of Rathgeber based on the latest research. One could also search the digital version of the complete compilation of the printed works of Rathgeber. Moreover, this multimedia PC gives information about all editions of the International Valentin-Rathgeber-Society e.V. A detailed bibliography and discography is dedicated to those visitors who want to delve into Rathgeber's life and work.

The new editions are presented in another showcase. A sample of each edition which has been released in the own publishing house could be studied at first hand. Informative wall charts about Rathgeber's life and his work round off the exhibition in the Rathgeber Room.

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